Our Team

Outer Boro Broad has a team of fierce women working to bring her voice to life.


Kristen Oliveri, Founder & CEO

Kristen Oliveri is a career journalist focused on the food, finance, travel and the wellness industry. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island, Kristen embodies the ultimate Outer Boro Broad. Having been a Manhattan resident for over a decade, Kristen has spent her career in New York City, while traveling the world, always to come back to her home base.

While writing about places like Singapore, Bali, Italy, Geneva, the Caribbean and beyond, she felt cosmically inspired by the amazing people she would meet on a day-to-day basis, so she found the need to create her own site with her own very unique voice. A voice of none other than an Outer Boro Broad.

Most recently, Kristen got married in her homeland of Italy and set out on the arduous journey of planning her destination wedding (from soup to nuts) while living abroad. She hosted several curated bridal events and continues to now help friends and family as they aspire to create their own unique events abroad.

Outer Boro Broad, a lifestyle brand marks her first move into the merchandising world alongside customized lifestyle content from a journalist’s perspective. The five pillars: Food, Beverage, Travel, Femm-preneur (think: BOSS not bossy) and Events are topics she has been writing about and perfecting for over a decade and hopes to share her expertise with others.

In her free-time she loves ballroom dancing, home cooking anything Italian as well as exploring new places with her husband, Phil.

Follow Kristen’s published works of art on her personal page Pasta’s Kitchen, as well as outlets such as The Daily Meal, Gluten Free Living Magazine, CSQ Magazine, Resident Magazine and Classiques Moderne.


Dawn Buehler, CFO

Dawn Buehler has been working in finance for over 10 years in both the Technology and Footwear industries. Raised in Ventura, California she is an Outer Boro Broad at heart.

While studying at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts she was blessed to have the ultimate Outer Boro Broad, Kristen Oliveri as her roommate. They have since been lifelong friends. Every creative needs their numbers and technology person, and Dawn endeavors to fill that role.

In her free-time she loves hiking, making homemade baked goods, and most of all spending time with her dog, Ferris. When not at home you can find her in the great outdoors or traveling the world.